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SUSHI (寿司)


Sushi is popular domestically and internationally. Like the majority of other Japanese dishes, sushi is devised to a...

At a subway station


  One day morning at a subway station, on one’s way to work Nick : Excuse me, tell me what happened. ...

Kiku-no-hana (Chrysanthemum)


History: The Chrysanthemum has been cherished in Japan for a long time. The flower called Kiku-no-hana or Kiku in...

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan (花見 はなみ)

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan (花見 はなみ)

Sakura (桜) or Cherry Blossom is the Japanese name for ornamental cherry trees and their blossoms. Cherry fruit(known...

お辞儀 (Bowing)


Introduction Bows are more traditional greeting in Japan than any other East Asian countries. Shaking hands is not...



INQUIRING ABOUT HELTH A : Hello. How are you? こんにちは。おげんきですか。 Konnichiwa. Ogenki desu ka? B : Thanks to e...

Business Conversation

  • Situational Conversation
    • Winning a contract
    • On a windy day in late autumn
    • Asking to be a substitute
    • Asking a meaning of jargon
    • Welcoming a client
    • Leaving office earlier because of sickness
  • Telephone Conversation
    • When responding to an unwanted sales call
    • Call a boss at home on a day off
    • Reservation for a hotel room
    • Reservation for a dinner
    • Showing the way
    • Receiving a call for a co-worker with the same family name as another
    • Answering a phone when you are alone
    • Calling back after you were out
    • Receiving a call for someone
    • Receiving a call for someone during his absence