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It is the first business day today of 2022

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It is the first business day today of 2022. Sending you my best wishes for a happy new year....

俳句 – 日本の四季 新年 –



What is Haiku? Haiku is the world’s shortest poet form with only 17 syllables in a five-seven-five pattern.Kigo and k...

Happy New Year!

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All our best wishes for a new year filled with peace, and success....

Emergency call

INQUIRING ABOUT HELTH NICKニック : Hello, is this 119 ? もしもし、119ばんですか。 Moshimoshi, hyaku-jyuu-kyuu ban des...


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New Year ’s Eve is called omisoka(大晦日) in Japanese. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!...

Business Conversation

  • Situational Conversation
    • Winning a contract
    • On a windy day in late autumn
    • Asking to be a substitute
    • Asking a meaning of jargon
    • Welcoming a client
    • Leaving office earlier because of sickness
  • Telephone Conversation
    • When responding to an unwanted sales call
    • Call a boss at home on a day off
    • Reservation for a hotel room
    • Reservation for a dinner
    • Showing the way
    • Receiving a call for a co-worker with the same family name as another
    • Answering a phone when you are alone
    • Calling back after you were out
    • Receiving a call for someone
    • Receiving a call for someone during his absence