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Thanking People


Mr.Suzuki hands Nick a bouquet. Suzuki : Here, These are for you. これ、どうぞ。Kore, doozo. Nick:Wow, what ...

Shopping2(At a confectionary)


  clerk : May I help you? いらっしゃいませ Irasshaimase. Nick : I’d like two cream puffs and three ch...

Asking the Time


  Mr.Nick goes to the post office, but it isn’t open yet. Nick : Excuse me, what time is it now ? ...

At a subway station


One day morning at a subway station, on one’s way to work Nick : Excuse me, tell me what happened. すみません、な...


Check in receptionist : May I help you? いらっしゃいませ Irasshaimase. Nick : Check in , please. I have a res...



Ikebana is the aesthetic art filled with a spiritual significance influenced by Buddhism. The Ginkakuji Temple in Ky...

Business Conversation

  • Situational Conversation
    • Winning a contract
    • On a windy day in late autumn
    • Asking to be a substitute
    • Asking a meaning of jargon
    • Welcoming a client
    • Leaving office earlier because of sickness
  • Telephone Conversation
    • When responding to an unwanted sales call
    • Call a boss at home on a day off
    • Reservation for a hotel room
    • Reservation for a dinner
    • Showing the way
    • Receiving a call for a co-worker with the same family name as another
    • Answering a phone when you are alone
    • Calling back after you were out
    • Receiving a call for someone
    • Receiving a call for someone during his absence