How to Choose a Best Japanese Language School

  • What is a Japanese language school?

    Japanese language schools specialize in studying the Japanese language, and people from many different countries go to these schools to pass the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), find a job in Japan, or continue their education. However, there are so many Japanese language schools in Japan that it is difficult to choose the best one. In this article, we will introduce some tips on choosing a Japanese language school and some of the most common mistakes or failures in choosing a Japanese language school. 

  • How to Choose the Best Japanese Language School for You

    There are more than 250 Japanese language schools in the Tokyo area alone. 
    We will give you some tips on how to find the right school among them.

1.Failures in choosing a Japanese language school

①I thought I signed a contract before I moved to Japan.

“I had contacted the school by phone and email before my visit and thought I had already signed the contract, but when I contacted them after my visit, I found that the contract had not been signed.”

Note that there are no English ( native language) speaking staff at the Japanese language school, and there is a possibility of misunderstanding.

②When I actually took the lesson…

“‘When I took the lesson, I couldn’t keep up with the lesson because the level of Japanese was higher than my Japanese level”
“The lesson fee was more expensive than I thought.”
 “There was no course to take the JLPT.”

The school does not conduct enough interviews in advance and is not able to match the student’s level and desired course. There is no explanation of course content or tuition fees in advance.

③Even if I wanted to change the time of the lesson due to my work schedule…

I wanted to change my lessons to Saturday or Sunday, but I was told that only weekday evening slots were available.” In schools with a small number of teachers, it may be difficult to change the schedule of lessons.

Also, if the classroom is far from the school, it will take time to get there. 

2.Features of NIC

①Although I bought a package of lessons in a lump-sum upfront payment, I am not able to take lessons due to my busy work schedules.

Differed payment is available when your company and NIC enter into a corporate contract.

②Cancellation can’t be avoided due to a sudden business trip and an urgent meeting.

No cancellation fee is charged if advance notice is given by 10am of the previous day for a morning lesson.

③I can’t communicate or exchange opinions with my instructor in English.

All NIC instructors are English-Japanese bilingual.

3.Why NIC is chosen among many Japanese language schools?

①Proven track record of Japanese language instructors and staff

【Japanese Language Teachers at NIC】

All of NIC’s Japanese language teachers are professionally certified and have many years of experience in teaching Japanese. They are bilingual and can offer lessons in English if necessary. In addition, NIC has Japanese teachers who speak French, German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. NIC strives to improve the effectiveness of Japanese language learning by selecting the “best teacher” for each student, taking into consideration the student’s native language, purpose of learning Japanese, current level, personality, etc. The same teacher will teach from the beginning to the end of the lesson, so you can expect consistent results.

【NIC’s Staff】

Our school staff who will support your school life is also bilingual, so please feel free to contact us.

②It is centrally located in Tokyo and offers low tuition fees

【Located in the center of Tokyo】

NIC is located in Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, in the center of Tokyo. It is close to Roppongi and Akabanebashi, and a 30 minute subway ride will take you from any location in Tokyo. Students can smoothly commute to the school even after work from the office district.

12 minutes by train from Azabujuban Station to Shinjuku Station, 16 minutes from Shibuya Station, and 21 minutes from Tokyo 23minutes Shinagawa Station, 25minutes from Ikebukuro Station, 25 minutes Ueno Station.

【NIC’s fixed cost setting】

At NIC, tuition fees are affordable so that overseas students can study without worry. The screening fee, entrance fee, facility fee, etc., which are included in the tuition fee at other Japanese language schools, are included in the tuition fee.

School Name Tuition



School A ¥5,600/50min
School B ¥5,400/50min
  • ※Facility charge,  enrollment fee, selection fee and insurance fee are charged separately at other schools.
  • ※Textbook fee is not included.
  • ※Both are basic fees for Japanese class.

③There are wide variety of courses

We offer a variety of courses for students of all ages and objectives, including those who want to learn Japanese for everyday life in Japan, those who want to improve their Japanese language skills for certification (JLPT), and those who want to learn Japanese for school or business use.

  • Survival Course
    ・Intensive course for those who have just arrived in Japan
    ・You can learn Japanese necessary for daily life such as introducing yourself, shopping, ordering at restaurants, etc.

  • Beginners’ Course
    ・You can learn the basic Japanese.
    ・You can Learn the required minimum level of Japanese for daily life.
    ・You can learn common Japanese words and expressions used in daily life. 
    ・The course is designed for foreigners who have been in Japan for a short period of time.

  • Intermediate Course
    ・The course is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
    ・This course continues to the next advanced course.
    ・Twice a week and once-a-week courses are available.

  • Advanced Course
    ・This course is suitable for those who have completed the Intermediate and Advanced courses or are at the N1 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
    ・The content of the course material is the same as what a native Japanese speaker would use. While learning about the culture behind the language, you will be able to understand and use Japanese in a wide range of situations.
    ・You will be able to read various texts, such as newspapers and general books while appreciating the subtle differences in meaning and style.

  • Japanese Letter Course
    ・It has convenient schedule that matches the time of your beginner Japanese lessons.
    ・If taken after the beginner course, the fee will be lower.
    ・Fees are set lower than conversation lessons.

  • Preparatory Course for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT)
    ・It provides support for individual learners in small groups.
    ・Experienced instructors will teach you reading, listening, writing, vocabulary, and grammar according to the curriculum.
    ・Free preliminary level check test and learning consultation.

  • Business Japanese Proficiency Test(BJT)
    ・JLRT (listening and reading comprehension test)
    ・JOCT (Conversation Test)※
    ※Only foreigners who have scored 530 or higher on the JLRT may take the test.

Do you prefer having lessons at your own place at your own convenience?
NIC-Japanese language school Tokyo can dispatch Japanese teachers.

Do you prefer having lessons at your own place at your own convenience?
NIC can dispatch Japanese teachers.