About NIC

Nihongo Instructor Club (NIC-Japanese language school tokyo) is an organization of professional Japanese teachers with extensive teaching experience and qualifications. Besides holding all levels of Japanese classes and private lessons at its school in Azabu, Tokyo, NIC sends Japanese teachers to students’ offices and homes in the areas covered (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa).

What makes NIC-Japanese language school different from the rest

  • Our Japanese teachers are all certified professional.
  • Our Japanese teachers are all bilingual and can give explanations in English whenever necessary.
  • We can send teachers to you at your home, office or wherever you choose to have your Japanese lessons.
  • Our fees are considerably lower than other schools.
  • We use proven “Visual Memory” teaching methods (*).
  • Our Japanese lessons are customized to suit each student’s needs, goals and capabilities.

(*) Visual Memory – A method relying on student’s memory. Lessons use everything from props, photos, puzzles, games and even toys. It works and it’s FUN!

Company Data

Corporate Name NIC Co., Ltd. dba Nihongo Instructor Club
President Noriko Awazu
Established 1-Oct. -2001
Address Grand Maison Azabu Ichinohashi No.205, 2-20-10 Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Website www.nicjapanese.com
Phone 03-3454-5002
E-mail info@nicjapanese.com
Office on New Year Holidays Dec, 28 – Jan. 5
Access NIC is on the 2nd floor of this building. Google map >Check Google Local

Do you prefer having lessons at your own place at your own convenience?
NIC-Japanese language school Tokyo can dispatch Japanese teachers.

Do you prefer having lessons at your own place at your own convenience?
NIC can dispatch Japanese teachers.