• Japanese Language School Tokyo and Online lesson
  • Japanese Language School Tokyo and Online lesson


  • Lesson style

    Individual language training or class training at your office or the NIC-Japanese language school .
  • Teachers

    Bilingual ・All Certified ・Long Experience
  • Method

    NIC-Japanese language school teachers use a proven teaching method relying on “Visual Memory” to help you learn faster and remember more.
  • Level

    All levels. Multipurpose.
    Beginners, Intermediate、Advanced, Business Japanese, JLPT preparation
  • Lesson site

    Student's office, home, or NIC's Azabu Juban facility.
  • Areas Covered

    NIC-Japanese language school are located in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama
  • Tuition

    NIC-Japanese language school offers a wide range of Japanese lessons at a very reasonable cost.
    No entrance fee charged.Tax-free lessons available for embassy officials & diplomats
  • Client

    NIC-Japanese language school clients include international organizations, law firms, government agencies, and more.
  • Online Lesson

    NIC-Japanese language school also offers online lessons (Google Meet, Skype, LINE, Zoom, etc.).

Study Room

Every time, the contents will increase.
You can enjoy Japanese exercises!

俳句 – 日本の四季 仲春 –

一雨ごとに暖かくなり、花の蕾はつぎつぎと膨らみ、土の下では虫たちも動きはじめる季節となりました。 3月の華やかな年中行事といえば、女の子の健やかな成長を祈る3月3日の雛祭が挙げられます。 雛飾る手の数珠しばしはづしおき  瀬戸内 寂聴(せとうち じゃくちょう) この句の作者は小説家、瀬戸内晴美として活躍し、1973年...

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan (花見 はなみ)

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan (花見 はなみ)

Sakura (桜) or Cherry Blossom is the Japanese name for ornamental cherry trees and their blossoms. Cherry fruit(known as sakuranbo) comes from a different species of t...

Searching For A Lost Item

At the lost & found office Clerk : Can I help you? どう なさいましたか。Doo nasaimashita ka Nick : I'm afraid I've lost my wallet. Saifu o ________________ . ...

NIC-Japanese language school tokyo offers Japanese language lessons at various levels. An NIC teacher can come to your office, home or anywhere you choose. Or you can come to our school in Azabu, Tokyo to take Japanese lessons, individual language training or class training. NIC's Japanese teachers are all certified, well educated and fully experienced.

NIC-Japanese language school tokyo offers all levels of Japanese lessons from elementary to advanced at reasonable cost. The NIC-Japanese language school is conveniently located in Azabu Juban, Tokyo and easily accessible by subway on either the "Nanboku-line" or the "Oedo-line".
Azabu Juban is within walking distance from Roppongi Hills (about 1km),also easily accessible from Nishi Azabu,Hiroo,Akasaka,Aoyama,Toranomon and Omote-sando by subway and bus.

Learn Japanese from NIC's certified Japanese teachers and make your life in Japan much more enjoyable.

Teachers now available Osaka and Nagoya
Teachers now available Osaka and Nagoya

For Corporate Customers

  • Since the date of establishment in 2001, NIC-Japanese language school tokyo has built a strong customer base with hundreds of domestic and foreign companies.
  • Private lessons and class lessons are available at student’s work place and residence.
  • Lessons are also available at NIC-Japanese language school, easily accessible by subway, only a one-minute walk from Azabu-juban Station.
  • All levels from very beginner to advanced, daily conversation/business Japanese/JLPT preparation are available.
  • Our cancellation rules are designed to suit schedules of busy business people.
  • Online lessons make it possible for students to have a lesson while they are on a business trip.
  • Our instructors with extensive business experience select a textbook and uniquely tailor the curriculum to suit each student’s needs, capabilities and goals to help them progress their career smoothly in a short period of time.
  • Our instructors are all bilingual (Japanese & English) and some can also offer lessons in other languages.
  • Our original method ensures students learn as effectively as possible.
  • We offer a discount for a lump-sum payment.
  • As a designated school of consumption tax exemption, we offer tax-free lessons to diplomats and embassy officials at presentation of Diplomatic Tax Exemption Card.
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★You are always welcome to ask us any questions you may have regarding our lessons, fees and so on.
★We are happy to visit you to explain about our lessons in detail upon your request.
★For estimates and NIC brochures, please feel free to call or e-mail us.