• japanese language school tokyo
  • japanese language school tokyo


  • Lesson style

    Individual language training or class training at your office or the NIC school.
  • Teachers

    Bilingual ・All Certified ・Long Experience
  • Method

    All levels. Multipurpose.
    Beginners, Intermediate、Advanced, Business Japanese, JLPT preparation
  • Level

    Student's office, home, or NIC's Azabu Juban facility.
  • Lesson site

    Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama
  • Areas Covered

    NIC offers a wide range of Japanese lessons at a very reasonable cost.
    No entrance fee charged.
  • Tuition

    NIC is a designated school for consumption tax(VAT)exemption.
  • Client

    NIC offers a wide range of Japanese lessons at a very reasonable cost. No entrance fee charged.

    We also offer online lessons(Google Meet・Skype・LINE・Zoom etc.).

Study Room

Every time, the contents will increase.
You can enjoy Japanese exercises!

About Fall (Aki)


Japan is an island nation blessed with distinct four seasons. Each season has many traditional and current events and customs which would attract foreigners’ interest. In...


What is Haiku? Haiku is the world’s shortest poet form with only 17 syllables in a five-seven-five pattern.Kigo and kireji are key elements in haiku. As it is impossib...

Shopping かいもの


  clerk:May I help you? いらっしゃいませ Irasshaimase.Nick:Could you show me that shirt? あのシャツをみせてください。 Ano shatsu o misete kudasai.clerk:What’s your size ? サイズは...

NIC offers Japanese language lessons at various levels. An NIC teacher can come to your office, home or anywhere you choose. Or you can come to our school in Azabu, Tokyo to take Japanese lessons, individual language training or class training. NIC's Japanese teachers are all certified, well educated and fully experienced.

NIC offers all levels of Japanese lessons from elementary to advanced at reasonable cost. The NIC school is conveniently located in Azabu Juban, Tokyo and easily accessible by subway on either the "Nanboku-line" or the "Oedo-line".
Azabu Juban is within walking distance from Roppongi Hills (about 1km),also easily accessible from Nishi Azabu,Hiroo,Akasaka,Aoyama,Toranomon and Omote-sando by subway and bus.

Learn Japanese from NIC's certified Japanese teachers and make your life in Japan much more enjoyable.

Teachers now available Osaka and Nagoya
Teachers now available Osaka and Nagoya


  • 当校は2001年開校以来国内及び外資企業数百社とご契約いただいている実績がございます。
  • 個人レッスン / グループレッスン オフィス又はご自宅に教師を派遣いたします。
  • NIC麻布十番教室でのレッスンも可能です。(麻布十番駅から徒歩1分)
  • 初級から超上級まで、日常会話、ビジネス会話、日本語能力試験対策等、全て対応可能です。
  • 当校のキャンセル規程はご多忙なビジネスパーソンに配慮した時間設定です。
  • ご出張先からのスカイプレッスンも対応可能です。
  • 学習目標やご興味のある分野に応じて教材を選び、ニーズに合わせた有意義なレッスンを提供いたします。
  • ビジネス経験豊富な教師派遣可能です。全員英語での説明が可能、その他の多数の言語でもご希望に応じて対応できます。NIC特有な教授法でお教えしており大変効果を上げております。
  • お得な一括払いのプランもございます。
  • 外交官、大使館員で グリーンカード保持の方は、レッスン料を免税にて承る許可を得ております。
  • DS

★お見積り、資料ご請求等 お気軽にご連絡ください。