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In Japan, April is a month for cherry blossom viewing throughout the country.
People enjoy a popular pastime of the short-lived blooms during the daytime and in the afternoon when the weather is fine.
A problem we face on a fine day at this time of a year is hay fever. Hay fever in Japan is mainly caused by cedar pollen.
White disposable paper masks are essential to protect ourselves from pollen. Seeing a lot of people walking on the streets
wearing the masks would be quite surprising to the non-Japanese here.

Cabins lined side by side

Cabins lined side by side

Cabins lined side by side

Capsule hotels are unique accommodations developed in Japan where it is relatively safe. It usually costs from 2,500 yen to 4,500 yen per night.
Since they offer comfortable stay for cheap lodging fees, capsule hotels are getting increasingly popular among budget travelers from abroad.
Most capsule hotels are found in central city areas, mostly within walking distance of a station. It has everything needed for the night in space, compact and non-soundproof. Privacy can be kept after closing the blind or curtain.
The first capsule hotel was only open in 1979 in Osaka designed by Architect Kisho Kurokawa as "salary man's healing space" where they could sleep comfortable and cheap. In mid- 1980 when Japan boasted its high economic growth and prosperity, capsule hotels became well-known in Japan and were built for the businessman who commuted long distance and often worked late to miss the last train home.
The world’s first capsule architecture was created by Kurokawa in Tokyo in1972, housing micro apartments and offices.
It was built on the idea that structures, much like in nature, could be created out of cells which could be replaced when necessary.
According to Kurokawa,“Inviduals should be protected by capsules fully equipped, muchl like a hotel, in which they are sheltered from information they do not want, thereby allowing an individual to recover his subjectivity and independence”  The world he imagined was where people no longer needed a single dwelling but instead would live a more nomadic lifestyle, moving between various homes. Unfortunately, the world was not yet ready for this drastic lifestyle. Today only the capsule hotel concept continues to prove popular throughout Japan.
Once called ‘Coffin hotels “ ,the more recent capsule hotels equipped with shared sauna and massage room, and internet access provide both men and women with relaxing atmosphere.

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