April 2018 Guide Sign


April is a month of a fresh start in Japan.

A lot of new employees in a newly-made business suit

and students in a brand new school uniform are seen passing through big stations like Shinjuku and Shibuya in Tokyo,

commuting to work or go to school..

On the northwest side of Shibuya Station,

there is the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing.

called “ The Scramble crossing” A popular spot for tourists.

An estimated number of 3,000 people cross it each time the signal changes.

The traffic lights all turn red, stopping traffic, and at the same time pedestrians from all sides flow into the massive intersection,

forming the stream of bodies, passing without colliding.

They seem to know how to remain well-behaved in the crowded place,

but many don’t realize they have a strategy for not running into others.

For some reasons, the Scramble started and works well.

It might be related to Japanese culture. People get used to tighter space.

They are daily crammed like sardines into train cars on their way to workplace or school.

Crowded or not, the pedestrians are considerate toward others and respect harmonious interactions.

In addition, the development history of Shibuya might be one of the main reasons.

The city became a big place in Tokyo with the developments of the north-west Shibuya done by the Tokyu Group in 1960s

and the Seibu Group in 1970s respectively.

The north-west Shibuya are covered with a large number of stores and restaurants,

and the Hachiko statue, a very well-known meeting place in front of the station,

which caused the disproportion between pedestrian volume and available infrastructure in those days.

Thus the Scramble started in the mid-1970s to cope with over 3 million pedistrians per day.

What makes foreign tourists overwhelmed is the organized chaos seen at the Scramble crossing.

It’s really something that they can’t experience in their country.

This moment can be watched from Tokyu Department store train level. Free and enjoyable attraction!




Do you prefer having lessons at your own place at your own convenience?
NIC can dispatch Japanese teachers.

Do you prefer having lessons at your own place at your own convenience?
NIC can dispatch Japanese teachers.