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October Guide sign

At last autumn has come in Japan.after the unprecedented number of typhoons hit many parts of this country.

Now is a time for enjoying sightseeing at home and abroad.

Recently tourists from foreign countries prefer to experience Japanese culture

rather than just visiting historic places.

Among the prepared programs is ninja techniques training course.

Ninja came to be known and popular worldwide through Japanese manga and anime.

They were well-trained for spies and mercenaries,

and were most active in “warring states” period, in the 16th century.

Having bases in Iga and Koka, just south of Lake Biwa,

they were hired by regional lords to gather information about enemies.

Lake Biwa was the key location for commerce and transportation,

and also close to Kyoto, the capital of Japan at the time.

Ninja techniques were called ninjutsu.used to completely confuse an opponent

and to achieve their duties secretly.

Ninjutu was developed into unique Japanese strategy combined

with Japanese ancient mountain worship.

Ninja could slip into enemy territories to obtain secret information

by hiding without leaving any evidence.

Some castles and even temples came up with a very clever solution, i.e.”nightingale floors,”

which emitted sharp, chirping noises when stepped on,

warning against an intruder’s presence nearby.

The image of ninja produced by a foreigner might be very different

from what a ninja was in reality.

But it’s great fun visiting a sort of theme park

with ninja-related facilities in Iga City and joining a training course.

You could feel like it might be possible to become a ninja.

A person would never feel that way about 007.

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