Nihongo Instructor Club Japanese Language School in Azabu, Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.



Q I am a newcomer to Japan without any knowledge of Japanese.
How can I start learning Japanese?
A NIC suggests taking our Japanese beginner course (Level 1 ). Five different classes are available. You can also take our survival Japanese course for simple communication in daily life.
Q I work in Japan and am very busy everyday. I want to study Japanese but have no time to go to school. What can I do?
A NIC offers Japanese lessons outside of school. We send Japanese teachers out to wherever you want to have your Japanese lessons. For details contact NIC.
Q I live in Kanagawa and it is hard for me to go to Japanese school in Tokyo. Any advice?
A NIC's Japanese teacher dispatch service covers Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa. For details contact NIC.
Q I have some friends who want to take Japanese lessons with me. Can we spread the cost?
A Yes. NIC offers group lessons and you can spread the cost around your classmates. Group lesson are more economical. See our fee-table.
Q What if I don't understand what my teacher explains to me in Japanese?
A Don't worry. All NIC Japanese teachers speak English and can use English whenever necessary.
Q My company offers to pay for my Japanese lessons. Is it possible to make a contract with my company?
A Yes. NIC is able to make a contract with your company or with you personally, whichever is more convenient for you.
Q I am studying Japanese to go to college in Japan. Is NIC a Japanese school suitable for me?
A NIC is not a school for students who need academic Japanese training for entering colleges and universities in Japan.
Q Does NIC accept visa applications?
A No. NIC does not accept visa applications.
Q What kind of teaching materials are used for beginners?
A For our Beginners Course (Level 1-3), we use the "Japanese for Busy People" textbook and method.
Q I want to take the Japanese Proficiency Test. Can NIC help me?
A Yes, we can. NIC offers a preparatory course for both JLPT and JETRO tests.
Q I am a little hesitant about starting Japanese lessons without knowing what they are like.Any suggestions?
A NIC offers free trial lessons for students who want to see what NIC Japanese lessons are like before deciding to start. For details contact NIC.

Do you prefer having lessons at your own place at your own convenience?
NIC can dispatch Japanese teachers.